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Originally Posted by CaliRoll
My DH's tattoo artist refused to start working in me while pregnant. He said to stay away from any artist who would. Better to be safe than sorry, IMO.
Yep, this.
I have a tattoo artist friend from high school who, the other day while tattooing a mutual friend, explained that it's because of the risk of infection. She said it with a regretful and annoyed look on her face, but she is EXTREMELY professional, and said she would never do it.

DH is heavily tattooed. His BEST friend is a tattoo artist.
Honestly, I think if I wanted something done he'd do it.. But only because I'm his best friend's wife and the risk is actually low.

HOWEVER, it's not a matter of HOW dangerous it is, as apposed to how professional/clean/skilled/reputable an artist willing to do it would be. I'd stay far far away from anyone who'd do it. Consider it a flashing red light.
What other areas do they cut corners in? Are they really so desperate that they're willing to take a pregnant woman when nobody else will?

I don't personally think the tattoo *itself* is very risky, but unless it was a close and personal friend I had an in with, there's just no way I'd consider it.
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