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Re: More OB help- so stressed out!

I had the some of the same issues with my OB and decided to hang in there. I urge you to go elsewhere. It was the same OB for DS1 and my OB was very low maintenance and low interference and I really loved the office. Fast forward to DS2 who always measured big. I had a placental abruption at 14 weeks, which wound up healing and my OB was great. Around 28 weeks I started getting pressure about the foods I was eating and what I was doing to make this baby so big. (I generally eat very healthy.) I ignored it and started rotating doctors. I made it back around to my doctor at around 34 weeks and was sent for a US which revealed the baby measuring very large and estimated to be around 10 lbs at birth. My doctor flat out told me I'd need a section and they wouldn't even consider letting me try vaginally. ??? I freaked out, but hung in there DS2 sensed and came on his own time two weeks early at 8 lbs 8 oz. I stayed home and made it to the hospital to push for 12 minutes before delivering - not with my doctor. I won't be going back if we have a third.

Maybe call the birth center and see what your chances are and start checking out OBs. Also a great thing is family practice doctors that deliver. This is who I'm using next time and they seem to be less invasive.
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