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Re: Do you have a garden??

Yes! Ours is an urban one though as we live in the city. After 9 years of marriage I finally convinced my husband to give up some of his precious grass (that we don't use because it is on the side of our house and not fenced from the road) and we put in 4 large raised beds for various veggies, 3 cattle panel trellises for green pole beans, and a healthy row of raspberries. I'm trying to convince him to give up more of that unused lawn space that we just watch grow so he can mow it and I could double the size. Hubby was kind enough to fence it in with a low cedar fence so the kids can be in there with me and I don't have to worry about them running out onto the street. Also in various parts of our back yard scattered here and there are various raised beds and pots for lettuce, blueberries, herbs and this year I'm going to try melon (a challenge for living in Oregon I think). Now if our weather would just cooperate I could get to planting. I'm really looking forward to it as my 5 year old is very interested and excited about every aspect of it. It will be an awesome learning experience for him about how to grow food and how it ends up on your table.
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