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Surgery During Pregnancy

Hi mamas! I've posted before regarding my gallstones diagnosed early in this pregnancy. Since that time, I've been on a very low fat diet which has helped reduce the number of attacks overall. However, I'm still having them occasionally and having epigastric discomfort frequently.

I've seen a surgeon, as well as my OB about my gallbladder. Both agree that if I'm not symptomatic, it would be best to wait until after pregnancy to remove it. However, they informed me that if I'm still having pain and/or attacks around 14 weeks, it should be removed. They explained that the surgery becomes more complicated and risky in the third trimester and that gallbladder problems often exacerbate later in pregnancy.

I'm approaching the second trimester when they've recommended the surgery be done. I've read many studies on general anesthesia and laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy and the results appear to be quite reassuring. At this point though, I'd love to hear some anecdotal accounts of those who have been there, done that with surgery during pregnancy.

Gallbladder surgery stories would be great, but I'd love to hear from anyone that's had any surgery under general anesthesia during pregnancy! Thanks do much .
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