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Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

Thank you all for the great advice I would love to hear more here is a little more info guess I should have put it on here the first time!!!

My mom became preggo at the age of 35 with my little sister! Yes a huge age gap! Her milk never came in with my and my sister so she was unable to breastfeed.

Now with dd#1 I gave birth to her at 42 weeks but before that I was in the hospital for 1.5 months till she came with e-coli in my kidneys and they ended up having to induce me. But i only have cervidil nothing else and some steriods but other than that nothing. I tryed to bf her right after she came out and nothing I tryed for weeks nothing!

Now with dd#2 I had her at 32 weeks and 2 months before her birth i was i the hospital with a picline cause I was unable to eat and keep anything down. My gallbadder had stones and I never knew till I was pregnant. So everytime I took a drink or ate something i would get sick. It got so bad I had an infection growing on my other organs. So they out me on steroids and a demerol drip. So I am wondering if it was the narcotics that was causing the milk not to come in.

Well after all of that I wanted to get healthy before trying again and all the drs said this pregnancy should go much better! I really want to bf so any advice you gave I am going to look into it
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