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Originally Posted by Urchin
Hi there!

I know just how nerve wracking surgery during pregnancy can be. At 23 weeks I was diagnosed with hydrophrenosis, which is basically when the pressure from the uterus blocks the ureter(s) from draining urine from the kidney. My case was severe enough that i needed a stent placed and replaced 3 times during my pregnancy.

My advice is to ask your doctor and the anesthesiologist what your options are. With my first surgery, I was able to be heavily sedated rather than put out completely. The second time I needed heavier sedation so I opted for a spinal (as it is much safer for baby). I also had general anesthetic in my final surgery once my baby was born.

Good luck! I'm sure things will turn out fine, just ask what your options are.
Thank you! I will definitely check with the surgeon at my next consultation.

I had a similar situation as you in my last pregnancy! I had a kidney stone at 25 weeks that could not pass. We opted for spinal anesthesia for the stone retrieval surgery and urethral stent placement. It went very well!

Unfortunately, I don't think they will able to do the spinal for a laparoscopic cholecystectomy because of how high the anesthesia is needed and because of lung interference . It is definitely something I'm going to check into though!
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