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Re: Hypnobabies CD/books or classes?

I've done the home study twice and loved it so much that I became a Hypnobabies instructor. From my experience with both learning methods, I have seen that a Live Class with a good teacher really is the best way to learn. All Hypnobabies instructors have a background in both hypnosis and childbirth, so they have a lot to add to the class. I'm a certified Hypnotherapist, as well as a doula, so I can help students with individual issues and tailor the information to their needs.

Right now I am teaching a couple who already did the Home Study version of Hypnobabies for this pregnancy. I wasn't sure how much the mama would get out of my class, but she told me after the first class how amazing it was. In her opinion, although she loved the Home Study, it didn't come close to what she was learning in my class and she loved that her birth partner was learning it all with her this way. She felt that the she was getting so much more by having someone explain everything and answer questions along the way.

That being said, if someone really wants to do the Home Study, I have a few words of advice. First, make sure you are buying the complete, newest version of the Home Study. Some people sell old versions, or don't include all the info, or sell the Live Class kits, which are not designed for self-study and don't include the materials a self-study student needs. Also, be active on the Hypnobabies students Yahoo chat group -- this is your place to ask questions and get answers! And, of course, take it seriously. I think Live Class students have increased dedication because of the money they are paying and the fact that they are checking in with their instructor regularly. It can be easy for things to "fall through the cracks" with self-study -- don't let that happen!

Also, many Hypnobabies instructors offer Home Study Advantage classes where they hold one session with a Home Study couple to review the information and hypnotic techniques. You might consider that if you go the Home Study route.
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