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Re: Surgery During Pregnancy

i had to have an endometrial growth on my right ovary removed, along with what was left of the ovary, at 16 weeks pregnant. it was originally misdiagnosed as a cyst, but it was bigger than my 16 week pregnant uterus by the time it was taken out! it was a laproscopic procedure and i had to be put under completely. it was pretty scary, i was really worried about the baby and tried to avoid the surgery, but really, the drs and everyone agreed that the baby was more in danger from that thing staying in there than from the procedure needed to get it out. sometimes, there are no "good" choices you know? it wasn't fun, and i woke up with bad stomach cramps that in my half-awake state i was sure were contractions and i begged the recovery nurse to check and make sure it wasn't the baby coming (poor girl, i could tell the surgery people weren't used to dealing with pregnant ladies, and were almost as scared they were going to screw it up as i was). but, it all turned out fine. or at least, it appears to have. i'm 29 weeks pregnant now. so, the baby isn't here yet. but, we've since had our anatomy ultrasound, and she looks none the worse for it, and has a good steady heartbeat, kicks regularly, is growing well, all the things you would expect in an otherwise perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy. my drs and midwife were all very pleased. and, the surgeon and high-risk ob both cleared me to still have a homebirth! they said that while the growth was there, it made my pregnancy higher risk, but now that it's gone, and i'm healing so well, there's nothing that should make the actual birth more complicated.

good luck! it's really scary to have surgery while you're pregnant, but you and the baby will probably be just fine!
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