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P17 Shots?

Anyone have experience or information I can read on the P17 shots? OB is pushing them and I have an appointment with a MFM in two weeks to discuss. I'm not really happy that in the one and only study there were more live babies/babies that went home in the mamas who did not get the shots than there was in the shots group. More risk of miscarriage and still birth really scares me. While I don't want another preemie, I don't want more bedrest/interventions/etc, honestly dd did pretty well. She had no nicu time, just two extra days in the hospital.

For my history, just in case it makes a difference. I started with preterm labor at 31 weeks. Two trips to labor and deliver in one day. We were able to stop labor at 31 weeks and keep her in until 34. At 34 weeks she failed the NST and wasn't doing well. Ultrasound determined she hadn't grown any since my appointment at 31 weeks (it was wrong, as we all know they can be unreliable) fearing IUGR doctor recommended we induce labor. Dd was born very quickly less than four hours after I was admitted to hospital. Three hours after pitocin started, two hours after water was broke. I truly believe she would have been born in the next few days if we hadn't intervened. I'm great with OB's decision to induce though. I'm seeing a new OB this time as we've moved.
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