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Re: Names you've seen/ heard lately

I assume you are asking for somewhat unexpected names you hear a lot? In my area, here are some unexpected names that I know multiples of just in my small-medium town:

Alden (boy) I know three.
Annabel (I know four.)
Thatcher (boy) two.
Adelaide (a large church in town apparently has three in their nursery)
Annelise (I know four in town, but they range in age from 2, 7, 11, and 33).
Willow (girl) Met a mom at the park who said they moved on to their street and met another Willow.
Van (boy). I know two in my town - that's unexpected.
William, no nickanme. I know three.

I think Adele will be more popular in the next year or so, because of the singer and it fits current naming trends with L and vowel sounds. Maybe the name Pippa, because it got a lot of play during the royal wedding and is cute and fun soudning. I read on a name website that Katniss (from Hunger Games) might be an up-and-comer, even a game-changed. Maybe it will make consonant names popular again.

My kids' school has a large African-American population, and there are some name trends I've never heard of.
Jaheim (boy, two in the school)
Kyheim (boy, two in the school)
Jabari (boy, two plus a third I met from a visitor at my church)
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