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Re: Diaper prices

I'm a knitter, so speaking for knitters....I just want to say that generally the yarns used are not cheap yarns...they range in cost of 10-20 per skein (some longies take 2 + skeins depending on size and yarn). Then the WAHM's takes me 10+ hours to knit a pair of longies and 5-6 for a pair of shorties. That would be if my knitting time was uninterrupted time...just straight out knitting time. My time is interrupted because I have a family to care for. So 10 hours knitting minus cost for yarn, plus shipping costs (I pay them to ship to my customers) and wool care products (I wash and lanolize my goods before shipping) plus shipping supplies, web costs, advertising, trips to the PO..... When I'm done, I'm making way under minimum wage. Most knitters will tell you that their work is really from the heart and that is why they do it as it's not going towards supporting their family and putting food on the table! So....that's why knitted longies and shorties/soakers are what they are! They are not made by machine, they are made by hand...handmade costs more because you are paying for time.
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