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Originally Posted by JustSomeChickVee
I'm just going to repost what I posted in another thread...

No medical organization in the world recommends circumcision. There is no health benefit. Annually, 200 babies die from circumcision complications such as blood loss, hemorrhaging, sepsis, MRSA etc. Approximately 1/3 of all circumcisions are botched to some degree, and about 4% of all babies circumcised will need post operative treatment and surgery due to complications (this is about 48,000 babies per year.)

Circumcision interferes with breastfeeding. Out of 100 boys circumcised, approximately 75 will not readily breastfeed. Babies are born with a breast crawl reflex, circumcision interferes with that. Out of 100 boys, 3 will develop phimosis, 31 will develop metal ulcers, 55 will have some form of adverse reaction to the surgery, and 8 will suffer infection at the surgical site.

Circumcision damages sex for both men and women. Circumcising a man removes the foreskin, which is a prepuce organ. It has millions of nerve endings. The prepuce organ in the female is the clitoral hood and in the womb, they are formed from the exact same tissue. Removing the foreskin literally is like removing the clitoral hood. Circumcision also hurts women because circumcised men have sex in a completely different manner than intact men. Check out to see visual images of these differences. Definitely not work or child safe, graphic sexual images. My DH is intact, and from having done things with circumcised men, I can tell you there really IS a world of a difference when it comes to pleasure and that is obvious in their reactions to stimulation. The intact penis isn't dirty either as long as the man takes a shower, which he should be doing whether he is intact or not.

The head of the penis is not fully developed at birth. the foreskin is actually fused to the head via the synachia. This is to protect the still developing glans, and to prevent urine and fecal matter from entering the urethra and from having contact with the glans. When you remove the foreskin, you are exposing an underdeveloped glans and raising your child's risk of developing a UTI. Also, when you circumcise you create a wound. A wound that now gets to sit in dirty and moist diapers and that will burn intensely every time he pees.

Most doctors will not numb an infant for circumcision, and if they do, it's with local anesthetic. You STILL feel a circumcision with a local anesthetic, I promise. Not to mention that the local anesthetic in itself is painful.

Have you ever seen a circumcision performed? If not, you can see photos and a video here:​library/procedure/​plastibell/ and here:

Considering the risks and the fact that there is no health benefit and that no medical organization in the world recommends circumcision, why circumcise? Also consider that circumcision is associated with sexual problems such as painful erections, decreased pleasure, keratinization of the glans, and even erectile dysfunction. It's not your penis, it should be up to your son when he is an adult. This isn't like a medically necessary procedure that you need to make a decision about.

For more info:

and check out this thread for like a million more links:
PLEASE be respectful of other peoples posts and their decisions. While the us medical *** doesnt recommend it they dont not recommend it. So please unless asked for your opinion on whether someone should or shouldnt circ their child stay on topic. You are again assuming someone hasnt done their research because they have decided something different than you would.

This is not a debate on the pros and cons. This is a mama asking a question on how to cloth diaper a circed child.
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