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Re: If you got you SON circumcised how..

Originally Posted by austinandashlynsmommy View Post
The OP specifically asked for no judgement or opinions on the reasons to or not to circ, so this was a very inconsiderate posts. For every article on the reasons not to circ, there is one that states why you should. For some, It's a religious reason, for some, just a personal decision. Most mothers have done their research and have made what they feel is the best decision for their family. For me, the decision was a very difficult one to make, but I'm confident that I made the right decision for my boys. I respect those who choose not to circ, vaccinate, or breastfeed, though I do all 3 of those things, therefore in return, I ask for the same respect. You don't have to agree with me, but keep your judgements and preaching to yourself.
I wasn't judging, I was providing information, and as an intactivist, it is my duty to do that. The research shows that it is unnecessary, and it is NOT a personal decision, it is not your penis.

Sorry, but religious reason are invalid. There are religions that practice female circumcision, and it is still illegal in the US. This makes circumcision of males unconstitutional in accordance with the 14th amendment section 1.
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