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Re: Anybody know? Preg w twins. Baby A is breech..will she still be delivered first?

thanks so much ladies!! i am very excited about having twins...I only expected to have 1 more child (which would have made 7 total..but SURPRISE!!! TWINS!!!)
ill be 35 wks friday so it will be any day now im just nesting and trying to get the house perfect! WHY??? theres no point..itll just get messed up again by the time i get home from the hospital!

anyway, thanks so much for your input...and WOW micropreemie quads! amazing!! so precious!

i have always viewed by baby A as Elysia and my baby B as Sienna but we decided that whichever one came first was Elysia so I was feeling kinda weird when baby B turned again to vertex (and LOL baby B is breech again! lil gymnast!!)
anyway, thanks again ladies for your replies!!
May God bless you both!!
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