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Re: I need some baby shower ideas...

For friends who have a bunch of little ones already, I've done:

Sip'n'Sees... it's like a tea and you do it after the baby is 3 weeks old or so. My friend wanted scrapbook stuff for her little one's scrapbook so I asked everyone to bring a little scrapbook bag to help preserve memories of #4.

Freezer Meal Shower: I put on invites "in lieu of gifts, bring 1-2 freezer meals for post-baby recovery". For favors, I cut slices of cake and freezer-proof them and label it "birthday cake. to be eaten when baby #... arrives."

Book Showers: I just did a Golden Books Shower for 2 friends (#4 and #5 babies) and asked everyone to bring a fav. children's book. I decorated all vintagey.

Diaper Shower: Milk and Cookies Diaper Shower for a 3rd baby.

Pamper Yourself Shower: Take a few gals and preggo moms and go get fancy pedicures and go out to eat. Ask mamas to bring "pampers" for the baby and celebrate while mama gets pampered as well. You could have a couple beauty college students come into the house and do it all at home...
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