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Smile Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

The reason he's probably bringing up the c-section is that when babies are high and induced labors can't bring them down into the birth canal, they usually end with a c/s. This happened to my sister. Her baby was not engaged on his due date, but they decided to induce to have a planned b-day and to have the doc they wanted. He never engaged and was delivered c/s due to "no progress". Needless to say I was enraged. All my babies have been late and did not engage until the week they were born or during labor. I'm eagerly awaiting #5 with only 2 days left until edd. I want my baby to drop too, so I know how you feel. Plus, this is your first. Usually first time labors are more time intense, things just don't happen like they do on tv. MY first time took a total of three days from start to finish. My advice is to not jump the gun and be admitted to the hopsital too early, that also increases your chances of a c/s. Unless there is a medical reason, I would not consent or be bullied into one.

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