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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

Originally Posted by luvallmykids View Post
We had our son and did not circ him, that was the plan. I kept it clean and pulled him back as far as I could at times and thought nothing of it. Of course I was scared that I wasn't doing it right and all that, but as he got older I noticed he wouldn't pull all the way back, even with an erection. So we had him checked out and needless to say he ended up being circ right before his 2nd birthday. He now is almost 4 and doing fine. If next one is boy we will do the same thing, no circ unless it is a medical reason.
that is my story.
mama, you don't need to retract or clean under the foreskin until it does it completely on its own. DS's started retracting around 3.5 but some boys don't until puberty and they are just fine
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