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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

to the mama's with regret. Having talk to a very close friend, I understand how bad it is for some. My friend did not have a problem with her sons other than the slight adhesions he had. Once she read more into it the more she was against. She said if she had known it all before, then she would have never let it happen to her son. She also came across information that helped her husband. He has since found out that some problems he has had is due to his circumcision. We live in an area where it is just something that is done and true informed consent just does not exist. Skin adhesions are just thought of as something that has to be dealt with. I kept a baby boy that had adhesions very badly. She powdered him with every diaper change(doctors suggestion) to help, but he still had them. The last I heard he was still having adhesions on a regular bases at almost 3 years old. I only know of two young boys whom are intact in the area I live Neither have had any trouble being intact. I guess can considered myself lucky that even living in an area with a high circumcision rate, I still have had two partners that where intact. Both have never had any problems. I was not even aware that the first was intact until after we had been dating for awhile and had already.had sex a couple of times. I just happened to notice one time when limp it looked different than the others I had seen(although I was young and had only seen a couple others at that point) So between the two partners, the dad of one of the young boys and the brother of one of the intact partners, I have IRL never met an intact man that had problems nor wished he had been circumcised.
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