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Re: Tips for Helping Baby Drop?!?!

Baby #1 wouldn't drop either for the longest time it seemed... walking a lot helps, a good trip to the mall or store for a couple hours helps. Some advice I got from a OB nurse on one of my 5 trips with false starts told me when I'm walking to put my hands under my belly and lift it up a little so baby's head will move, my daughter had her head tilted just a little off and she couldn't move down because of that. And by holding it up she would have to adjust her position and allow herself to move into better position.

Don't give into your OB, it's not fair to scare a 1st time mommy with a c/s when you arent' even late or having complications. Let him know in no uncertain terms that unless the baby is in danger or there is no possible way for you to deliver naturally that you will not consider a c/s. Be patient Mama, baby's come when they are ready and not a day, walking, spicy food, or castor oil will not help unless baby is ready, although sex does help if the time is right LOL

I hope your lo arrives soon as s/he is ready, and that your dr stops badgering you... oh well if it happens while he's on holiday, guess that means your baby's birth wont be paying for his trip (gosh was that snarky?!)
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