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Re: Your experiences with circumcision or non-circ (keep civil please)

When I was 16 and pregnant with my first I attended a birth class. During the birth class they showed us a video about what it looks like for a baby boy to get a circumcision. It wasn't pro or anti- just the facts. I cried during the whole video and told my ex that I could never do that to my child. My son was not circumcised and during that time it was definitely NOT the norm. I did not care. My ex and my current (and hopefully last ) husband are from countries where circumcision is unheard of anyhow so I didn't have a battle to fight, thankfully.

With DS#2 and #3 my husband was in complete agreement and still cannot understand why some people choose to do this to their children, if not needed medically. I actually showed him a video of what the procedure looked like because I don't think he has ever seen a child with a circumcision and he was upset by it and could not watch the video. Again, not pro not anti video- just the facts. With DS#4 coming in August, it is a non-issue.

As far as my work with circumcisions I did see one in person during nursing school (in 1999) and almost passed out. I refuse to assist and would rather lose my job, honestly. It is just too much for me.

As a mom with 3 intact boys I do have a funny story. Since I have kept my kids intact for nearly 17 years I worried about them getting teased, etc. Well, this past summer my middle son (age 7 at the time) saw a little boy getting his diaper changed and he was sooo confused. He came to me privately and said that he thought something was wrong with his peni$ because it looked like "this" and he proceeded to drop his drawers and pull his foreskin back. LOL I explained to him that his parents chose to circumcise their son so he didn't have the foreskin that keeps his penis protected. Being the little doctor that he is, he wanted to know exactly what that meant and why ANYONE would EVER do that to their baby?! I guess the tides are changing... I don't think the intact kids have much to worry about anymore.

ETA: With all of the intact penises around my house we have never once had a problem. I am also so happy that others are making the choice to keep their little boys intact. This helps make it the norm!
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