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Re: Not many NM moms?

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Do any NM mama''s know about erf? I have seen a few convertible carseats rfing, but I have never seen a baby older than about 1 in them. I have however seen plenty of itty bitty babies (like WELL under a yr) ffing and ffing infant carriers and other usage that is a big no no. Just reassure me I am not the ONLY one in friends think I am nuts fro rfing my 21 mth old (who btw is only 19lbs)
I RF'ed my littlest one until she was a little older then 2 1/2 and everyone thought I was Nuts for it! But I dont care. lol... They also think that I'm Nuts cuz I still have all 3 of my girls harnessed in Graco Nautilus's. My oldest is fixing to be 7, middle is 6, and little one is 3. I get a lot of crap about it, But I just let them, At least I know my child is Safe in the car! I know I am doing whats right and thats all that matters!
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