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Re: This is how I feel about the BC debate

Call me a prude, but if you think you are responsible enough to have sex then you should be responsible enough to pay for your birth control, right? Even without health insurance, there are places you can get free condoms.
OK. And if you smoke you should pay for your own lung surgery and your own chemo. If you eat poorly, don't exercise, and become overweight, you should pay for your own diabetes medication, your own heart medication, your own depression medication, your own arthritis medication, and/or your own asthma medication. If you eat a diet high in sodium and choose a high stress career, you should pay for your own high blood pressure medication. Right?
I don't know, maybe they are trying to lower the number of unwanted pregnancies, unwanted babies and consequently abortions by having insurance provide birth control with no co pay. Seems like a good idea to me.
^^This. The cost of unwanted children in society is a hidden cost that I think is much higher than the cost of BC.

eta: I also think its terrible that life saving medicine is so expensive. I think there is a BIG BIG problem with the pharmaceutical industry, our insurance system and our entire health care system in general being entirely profit based but that is a whole 'nother subject.
^^ Agreed. When the CEO of Merck or Pfizer takes home a billion dollars a year in pay while millions of people can't afford to pay $100/mo for their life saving medication, there's something wrong with the system.
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