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Re: This is how I feel about the BC debate

Originally Posted by Ellasundies View Post
What I think is stupid is that my husband pays just shy of $10,000 per year for health ins. + the money that his company pays for his health ins. AND I have to pay $75/month for my BC that I use for health reasons NOT BC.

I also think it's stupid that life saving meds aren't paid for by some policies.

I have no problem paying a small copay but paying full price is ridiculous and I think it's even more ridiculous and sexist that policies don't pay for BC but WILL pay for viagra.
Okay I don't mean to pick on you but I have seen this argument before. Viagra has other uses then for the one that it is advertised for. My DD lived a longer life because of Viagra. She was 4 months old when she was put on it because it expands blood vessels and she needed that for the hope that she would be able to grow better lung tissue. I actually know some of the history of Viagra and they were initially creating it for things like my late DD condition. However in clinical trials it was shown to have "added side effects" and the marketing people got ahold of it and off it went.

Sorry I just have a problem when people go off on a drug that sometimes is truly life saving (as in the case of my daughter though ultimately she did die).

BTW most of my family doesn't know DD was on viagra so that tells you how much this bothers me that I actually posted this on a public message board.
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