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Originally Posted by H's mom

OK. And if you smoke you should pay for your own lung surgery and your own chemo. If you eat poorly, don't exercise, and become overweight, you should pay for your own diabetes medication, your own heart medication, your own depression medication, your own arthritis medication, and/or your own asthma medication. If you eat a diet high in sodium and choose a high stress career, you should pay for your own high blood pressure medication. Right?
He's the difference - babies aren't diseases. I know, I know, it's fetus, not a baby. And we mom's all know that. We would never dream of calling OUR children people until they're born, because before that they're just blobs of cells and stuff.
Personally I've refer to both of my sons as my "baby" as soon as knew I was pregnant. I didn't wait to make sure that what was indeed kicking around in my uterus. And I can't believe that other peoples babies aren't babies unless they're wanted, planned and prepared for. I can't say "I wanted to have this baby, therefore a baby is what it is, however you are in no position to get pregnant thus your baby is simply not a baby."
We can't define a person's human-ness by whether or not their life is convenient, inside or outside the womb.

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