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Re: This is how I feel about the BC debate

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
Off-topic I know, but this is what disturbs me. The politicians who are waging this war against birth control coverage, or birth control in general, are the same ones who want to do away with places like Planned Parenthood. Yes, if I can't afford birth control and the government doesn't want to force insurance companies to cover it, I can go to Planned Parenthood. Except if these politicians had their way, there wouldn't be any Planned Parenthood either. It is this bigger war on women that worries me. If you can't afford birth control and your insurance doesn't cover it and then politicians cut all funding for Planned Parenthood, well what options are left? And I guess you could say just don't have sex, but we all know that won't happen. So instead there will be more abortions, or more kids in foster care, or more parents on assistance. The whole thing makes absolutely no sense. Which is why it seems rather obvious to me that the root of this has nothing to do with money (birth control is MUCH less expensive than prenatal care, delivery, and assistance), and everything to do with the personal opinions on birth control of these politicians. It is no coincidence that the politicians who argue this most are also vehemently against premarital sex and are very religious. Sorry for the tangent.

Exactly. It makes no sense.

This whole thing honestly just really skeeves me out a bit. I think the issue is that BC is about women having sex who don't want to get pregnant. Therefore implying sex outside of marriage. It's hard not to see it as a woman's rights issue as BC became a great sexual equalizer. Now women could have sex just like men did with no worries of pregnancy repercussions. (in theory) It really feels surreal to me to read what is going on with the mostly male politicians and their decisions regarding women's bodies and birth control.

ESPECIALLY when our economy and job situation is so dire, and there are so many other issues that really really need our governments attention.
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