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Re: Those who delay vaxes--what's your schedule?

Copied and pasted my selective/delay schedule from a previous thread like this (too much to type again )
We skip rotovirus entirely. DD had a rxn to it and I don't find it necessary. I know how to watch for dehydration and I nurse babies on-demand. I am confident in skipping this one and would not be afraid if my child got it. (DD did.)

We start vaxes at 4 mths. The kids get 1 shot at a time. DTaP, PCV, and Hib are the only ones they get under 2yrs. Those are the diseases (Pertussis, pneumoccus, and haemophilus influenza type b) that are most likely to affect children under 2 and are generally not serious to those over 2.

Our schedule to 2yrs looks like:
4mths - Hib or PCV or DTaP
6mths - DTaP or Hib or PCV
(no 9mth visit at our dr)
12 mths - PCV or DTaP or Hib
(by 12 mths, baby has 1 of each of these 3)
15 mths - Hib (end of series)
18 mths - DTaP
2yrs - PCV (end of series)

Age 3 - DTaP (to protect other young babies that they'll be around) - due to rxn, we only give the "daptacel" version of the DTaP vax.

If individual shots are avail, we start M, M, or R at 4yo. 1 shot per visit at 4yr, 5yr, and 6yr appt. If no ind shots are avail, full MMR will be considered at 6yrs.

I do give Polio, starting at the 4yo well-child visits. (public health reasons - likelihood of my child contracting polio is low, but it is one of the few diseases that I feel *should* be eradicated, so I'll do my part)

Varicella waits until after 12 (hoping for natural infection, but after 12, we feel the risks of the disease outweigh the risk of the vax) as do Hep A and Hep B (again, low risk of problems for Hep A or contraction of the disease for Heb B before this age).

Kids will get titer checks before getting a booster for MMR or getting any Varicella shots.

Currently, we will skip HPV, but remain open if more info or a safer profile emerges before our kids reach pre-teen age. Meningitis will be up to the kids when they go off to college.

Since this post, my kids have had Chicken Pox, so they will never get the Varicella vax.

At DD's 4yo appt, they asked to give her PCV 13 (she had PCV 7 for her under 2 shots), I declined. I gave them the choice of Polio or DTaP. They chose DTaP. She has now finished the DTaP series because her 4th shot was after age 4. (She can get Tdap or some other Td booster later in life, but childhood DTaPs are done)
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