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Buying Alvas in bulk and re-selling on craigslist?

I've seen it listed several times over the last couple months. Someone bought 300+ Alva diapers because it was "cheaper to buy a lot and pass on the savings." So they are reselling them for $6 each (new with inserts).

Is that really going to save that person money? Can there really be that many buyers (still says "over 300" a couple of months later)? Assuming they got a great discount for bulk - maybe a thousand dollars, they could double the money if they are able to resell for $6 each - which is slightly more than retail.

But how many months will they take to sell? I would get sick of looking at them after a while. That would be nice to just go there and look through and pick them up in person without dealing with slow shipping... but it just seems odd.
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