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Re: Buying Alvas in bulk and re-selling on craigslist?

Originally Posted by Serenajean1 View Post
In coop alva solids cost 2.50 plus 80 cents for an insert.

If you buy them for 2.50 and resell for 6, you would make out pretty good.

But I assume they bought a huge lot on ebay like pp said
Yep, that's almost standard retail profit. It would be totally worth it, if they are easy to sell. A coop price is $3.30 each with inserts and selling for $6 is almost 100% profit, so that is a standard retail profit. Most retailers buy whatever it is they sell for half the price the sell it for to make 100% profit. (I used to work in wholesale fabric and notions and it hurts me to buy retail )
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