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IHA over 500 items check it out

I am based in Germany and ship via Deutsche Post please allow additional time for delivery. I am happy to help you figure out international shipping, it is really not bad on lighweight items.

I am willing to accept Paypal on all of my items

I am always open for wahm wares.

SerenaJean1 ISO:

Looking for christmas gifts for dh, both kids and family. Also looking for crafts and hand on activities for 2 year old.

DS1, 17 months
1. Waldorf dress up doll
2. Blank play silks
3. Someone to sew a quiet book

Newbie, due in Late Oct early Nov
1. Waldorf bunting doll

1. Reusbale bowl covers
2. Boon animal bag
3. kitchen scale digital with grams
4. meat thermometer
5. 4 fire alarms
6. Hand painted wooden letters with the boys names
7. Someone to sew curtains for the boys room

8. cupboard and drawer organizors
9. Metal cake pans and baking pans, cookie sheets

If you are in Germany or the EU contact me for my local ISO.
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