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Re: Buying Alvas in bulk and re-selling on craigslist?

"I have over 300 new All In One cloth diapers of various colors and designs. The diapers are Alva baby and have snaps that you can adjust to fit any baby from 7lbs to 37lbs. They have a pocket in the back to put one or two inserts in, depending on how much absorbtion you need. Each diaper comes with one insert. I use these diapers for my baby girl and I love them. There's boy and girl diapers. It was cheaper for me to buy them in bulk so I just bought a lot and then passed on the savings. Comes out to be about $6 a diaper. I also have some portable wet/dry bags for you to put the dirtys in for an extra $3. These are brand new and never used. Nothing wrong with them, I just like to save money so I buy in bulk. Below is a picture of what the diapers are like. I have so many designs it's crazy, so I couldn't possible list them all but here's an idea of some: (if you email me, I can send you every design I have. It's too large for this ad)

I'm confused by the "passing on the savings" part because that's even more than retail. If I was going to buy in bulk to save and resell what i don't use, I don't think I'd buy THAT many. Just seems odd.
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