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A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

I recently found out that I am pregnant with #2. Our first has a condition called Vesicouteral Reflux (also referred to as Kidney reflux) where the tubes between her kidney and bladder (the ureters) don't work correctly and instead of sending urine from the kidney to the bladder and out of the body, the urine is recycled through again and again. Our daughter got her first UTI at 2 weeks old and was hospitalized for a very long time for such a small baby. She was put on antibiotics and kept getting sick anyway. With kidney reflux the UTIs were very serious because the infected urine was making its way to her kidneys, causing damage and scarring. Before she was a year old she had been hospitalized a dozen times, each time after proving resistant to yet another antibiotic. She had major surgery last June and went off antibiotics in January. She has been infection free since!

So that's the back story. This condition is genetic, and it is 75% more likely that our second child will have it as well. There is no way of knowing what the severity will be if #2 does have it (Sarah Jane was stage 4 on one side and stage 5 on the other, out of 5 possible stages) and obviously there are no guarntees about anything.

We had always assumed we would not circumcise, not because I have done lots of research or anything (I admittedly haven't) but because I have a sort of natural inclanation that if it was put there it should stay there unless there's a problem. IDK if that makes sense.

Well, I was reading through the last couple circ threads and saw it posted several times that non-circ'd boys are more likely to get UTIs. And it seemed like even the anti-circ' people weren't arguing with that, but more saying why it didn't matter. I'm not sure if I interpreted that correctly, but if I did, to us it DEFINITELY matters. With such a high likelihood of VR in this child, decreasing the chance of UTIs would be beneficial, I think.

So does anyone have experience with this? Anyone have some links to research answering my questions? I don't want to be flamed for this, but honestly I can take it either way. I am genuinely asking because I don't have the answers and there isn't much I wouldn't do to keep from having my second child spend its' first year in a hospital.

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