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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

honestly, out of 5 boys, 2 circ'd and 3 not, only 1 (who was circ'd) has gotten a UTI....if it makes a difference, he is the one with a kidney disease. So, being circ'd didn't "help" (we circ'd out not knowing any better, not bc we knew about his kidneys). From what I understand about kidney reflux, it would have nothing to do with whether he had his foreskin or not, kwim? And I am not sure why it says (I have heard it as well) that intact boys are more likely to have UTIs, esp as the majority of the world does NOT circ. In full disclosure, the kidney disease that my son has, all my children have 50% chance of getting it at any point in life (they get it from me).
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