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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

Originally Posted by KB'sMama1031 View Post
This is just a guess, but it sounds like "normal" UTIs and VR UTI's are caused by different problems? The VR UTI would be caused by the recycled urine not leaving the body, right? So if you had a boy, who also had VR, the urine would recycle in him too no matter if he were circumcised or not, and would/could cause UTIs

However if the VR UTI your daughter got was introduced the same way as most "normal" UTIs (read: was not caused by VR specifically) I could see how circumcision could help your son by keeping bacteria away from the urethra since it would be uncovered ( I have heard that the foreskin can push bacteria up the urethra or trap bacteria near it, giving the bacteria easier access); although it also can be argued that the foreskin will keep the urethra clean and bacteria free on its own, so that decision is up to you, which ever way you believe

of course, this all depends on you having a boy, and if he has this condition, and the severity... but I personally believe that in your specific case it could help if in fact the lack of a foreskin does indeed keep a urethra more free of bacteria
I say this mainly because it would be important for you to avoid UTIs if possible if you were in this situation mama and good luck with whatever happens, I am sure you will do the best thing for your new LO, you sound like a very caring mama
to the bolded, this is the part that is tricky. there is no proven causation but there IS a correlation. meaning VR doesn't cause UTIs and UTIs don't cause VR, but children with VR do have a markedly higher number of UTIs than children without it. So, basically there is no answer to your question. =/

and thank you for that last bit. I of course want to do what's best for my child, and up until recently thought that meant leaving his (and we are really hoping for a boy!) genitals alone, but I don't want to make a decision that could make things worse.

I plan to talk to our daughter's urologist about this, but I wanted to do some of my own research first. He is one of the few doctors I really trust, but even the good ones don't always have the most up to date information and I want to go into it with some of my own knowledge about the subject.
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