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Need super absorbant nighttime diaper...

We've hit a brick wall with a diapering option for my almost 4 year old son. He's a very sound sleeper so it's been hard to train him at night. He's already off all liquids after dinner. He pees before bed, we wake him up to go before we go to bed, and we still have major leaks most mornings.

We were using Goodnights with mainly success, but they started giving him a bad rash so we've switched to cloth. We've tried Eco Posh RaRs and Happy Heinys. The Eco Posh aren't absorbant enough. The Happy Heinys were too poofy and plastic-y. My daughter's Kawaiis don't really fit well. They usually work when triple stuffed, but we wind up with compression leaks or gap leaks.

I know I could use bamboo/hemp to improve absorbency, but I feel like all pockets will be too small. Ideally I would want a pull-up style but I'll take what I can get. He's a 4T-5T, about 42 pounds.

I'm not trying to train him right now, just trying to find something super absorbant so I'm not changing sheets every morning. Thanks!
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