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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

My understanding of the UTI study most often quoted (the one claiming a 1% reduction for circ) is that it's skewed because most of the circ'ed boys were full term and most of the intact boys were premature. Premature babies are more prone to UTI's simply because of their prematurity. If ALL the babies had been full-term, I personally believe they would have found the opposite results. It's still really uncommon in boys no matter what "kind" of penis they have, but I'm sorry it makes NO sense to me that a penis with a protective covering would have MORE infections. And as one person pointed out, if the "intact" group were given improper cleaning can just throw the whole thing out the window. Premature retraction can cause a UTI in the blink of an eye.

If the condition you are concerned about has the faulty goings-on up inside his body, it won't have anything to do with his foreskin anyway.

FTR, DS is 7, intact, and has never had a UTI or other infection, DD is 4 1/2 and has had 2 UTI's and several vaginal infections. Even IF you could possibly have a 1% reduction, is that worth the risks of circ, plus taking the choice away from him and changing how his penis functions sexually? If he needs surgery like your DD did, so be it...but that surgery will be similar to hers and nowhere near his genitals and would likely correct the problem the same way it did for her.
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