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Re: Grovia biosoakers for overnight?

I've had success with it. The biosoakers for us had one problem which was if they bunched in the crotch area they would leak. So I would lay them slightly off center/side by side for overnight. Similar to the PP, I realized that the perfect solution was a biosoaker in a BG elemental or flat and cover (or any other wider width diaper would do, I happened to like that the adhesive wasn't a problem on the cotton as it might be on a fleece material). That way if it did leak out the side or in the belly (DD is a belly sleeper) it was soaked up in the diaper. We gave up on overnights due to ammonia too. Our DD's skin was just too sensitive and no amount of rinsing, extra washing, hot water, boiling, bleach, etc or even just switching to flats at night worked consistently. She would get red or full blown blistering rashes. She is now only in diapers at night (disposables...) and cloth during some naps.
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