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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

Originally Posted by bigmamakelsey View Post
Urinary tract infections
Circumcision is associated with a reduced risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) however the magnitude of this benefit is likely to outweigh the risk only in those at high risk of UTIs.
Some UTI studies have been criticized for not taking into account a high rate of UTI's among premature infants, who are usually not circumcised because of their fragile health status. The AMA stated that "depending on the model employed, approximately 100 to 200 circumcisions would need to be performed to prevent 1 UTI," and noted one decision analysis model that concluded that circumcision was not justified as a preventative measure against UTI.
Boys are not as prone to UTIs are girls are, and the slightly higher chance of them getting one is before the age of 1. The best preventative care for a UTI is frequent diaper changes and baths, and not retracting the foreskin.
This. also, because of the disorder you're talking about, I do not believe circ would help decrease the risk of UTIs at all because it is caused by recycled urine, which would happen regardless of circ if your son has the condition.
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