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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

Originally Posted by linzbear View Post
The rate of UTIs looks like this for age under 1 year:

More Common
Intact Boys
Circ Boys
Less Common

Additionally, it is not known if the UTI risks are related to the old instruction to pull back the foreskin to clean.

I would not circ for this reason. Really, you don't know that it will help, and girls are far more likely to get UTIs anyway, so if the baby is a girl, you will still have to deal with this issue.

I'd also make sure if baby is a boy and you decide to keep him intact, and he does need a cath, make sure you ask the person placing the cath if they have experience on intact penises without retracting them before you let them near him. I've heard one too many stories of boys who were retracted (which likely causes infections) because the nurse had no idea how to place a catheter without retracting.
this as well. also, bubble baths are linked to UTIs in both sexes, so that could also be a factor in the UTI stats, on top of the old instructions to retract a baby's penis.

ETA: although the chances are high, you still do not know that if the baby is a boy, that he will have VR. i would at least wait to see if he does before circing, though I personally would not circ because of this. IF you do circ because of this, have as little foreskin as possible removed.

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