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Originally Posted by Stamina
Hi mama! I just wanted to show you a study link that I think may be beneficial to your situation, as it specifically addresses VUR and the indication for circumcision.

In a nutshell, this was the conclusion of the study:

- Meta-analysis of existing research shows that circumcision substantially reduces the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI)
- The data do not support the routine circumcision of normal boys to prevent UTI
- Circumcision should be considered in boys with a past history of recurrent UTI or high grade (grade 3 and above) vesicoureteric reflux, as the benefit outweighs the risk of complications in these case

Also a helpful note:

In conclusion, the data we present do not support the
routine circumcision of normal boys with standard risk in
order to prevent UTI. However, our data suggest that
circumcision of boys with higher than normal risk of UTI
should be considered.

Good luck to you!
This is great info!! I hope it helps you OP, when will you be able to find out what his level of VR is?
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