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Re: A Question about Circumcision (yes, a real question!)

Originally Posted by sarchamar View Post
Have you thought about trying to seek some medical information about managing VU reflux from countries where circ isn't routinely done? I.e., is circumcision considered a good preventive in such cases in any other country but the US? Or do they have ways of managing the infections properly that don't require circing? IMO, therein lies your answer.

Re: which countries to seek medical info from, I think either the Dutch or Finnish medical association welcomes email queries, even from citizens of other countries. I tried it once myself years ago. The person who responded was fluent in English, and the reply was very thorough and helpful. I want to say it was Finland -- which, incidentally, has a markedly healthier population in these areas than the States, in spite of the fact that circumcision is very rare there. Good luck!
wow this is such a good idea!
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