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Re: PLEASE tell me all your best

I puked pretty much every day for several months. Things that helped:

-ginger soother (name brand of a drink), until i puked it up one day... bleh!
-the ginger snaps from Whole Foods (they are extra gingery)
-crackers in the morning at first, but that didn't work for long
-my sister in law gave me these suckers, and i had one in bed each morning before i got up, and they helped (they were preggie pops i think)
-extra cold caffeine free coke (this was sometimes all i could drink in the morning, but it really did help! something about the phosphoric acid i believe)

My doc told me to try unisom and B6 together, but i never tried it (i was scared of meds). She said that it works better than zofran... ? I took the B6, not sure how much it helped.

I hope you feel better! It should end by week 16 or 17!
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