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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

My daughter was a good eater from the start so not as interested in throwing her food around. However, when she first started doing this, I firmly told her no. I know that may not be popular but I am not cleaning up extra messes and wasting good food and money. Again, my daughter tried this closer to 12 months so she was not as strong willed about it as an 18 month old but we did tell her no. I cleaned up the food but watched her closely to see if she would try it again so I could tell her no before she was able to throw. I didn't take the food away. Then she will just learn that if she throws, she gets to get down and play. Also, it does help too to eat meals as a family so you can turn meal time into a fun thing and not what can feel like a punishment if they are alone eating a meal while you do dishes or whatever other chore or activity. They want to be with mom.
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