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Re: Please remind me that this phase will pass (toddler throwing food on floor)

When dd1 started throwing food I removed the tray to the highchair and pushed her right up to the table. That helped so much!! She did throw a bit after but I would give her 1 warning("food is for eating' said in a reg ol voice) but if she did it again I signed/said 'oh, all done' said in the same no big deal voice and the meal ended. Even if she had only eaten a bite or two if she threw the food the food went byebye. DD2 wasnt even interested in food until 10.5mos so she started right at the table. I did the same approach with her when she started throwing around 12mos. I can count on one hand how many times it took for her to get it(but she LOVES her food lol).
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