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Re: The PRO's (and con's) of Natural Childbirth

Just an update....
I was able to have another drug free birth.
For those who have had one and want to have another but are fearful---I have to say I am amazed my second came much quicker than my first....and my first was so so so fast. I was in the hospital for about an hr and 15mins this time. I showered and had dh squeeze my hips. It was very fast. I arrived at the hospital around 8, was at 5.5cms. Baby was born at in the span of about an hr I went from 5.5 to fully dilated (factoring in the few mins it took to push).

There really were no "cons" to either of my natural births. I tore less this time and I think it was largely in part to my holding my own legs as opposed to my first birth where others held my legs (which I now think put too much force on my ahem "down there parts").
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