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Re: Nerve Block for Circumcision

My son cried more for the heel sticks to monitor his biliruben levels (jaundice), then he did for the circ. Things I recommend:

1. (most important to us) we called our peds office to make sure we would be able to be in the procedure room AND that local anesthetic would be used. My sons primary doc does not use local but we were able to have the procedure done by his partner who DOES.
2. Premedicate with Tylenol. We did it about 45 min before the procedure.
3. I watched and made sure that they used a numbing gel (like at the dentist) to numb the skin, waited a few minutes for that to kick in, then did the injections and waited even longer for that to kick in.
4. after, instead of Vaseline, we used neosporen (the kind that has pain medication mixed in it, you know the yellow tube) at every change. There was a little pink in his diaper for maybe 24 hrs. We used the neosporen at every change for a week. and Tylenol for the first 24hrs.

We had NO infection, absolutely NO change in his breast feeding ability, and his behavior was exactly the same also.
This is a very personal choice for families to make. I will not recommend it or condemn it to othe people because it is not up to me. However, the posts I read on here about the "statistics" make me roll my eyes. I highly recommend parents do their own research on the subject and make sure it's from reliable resources and not from organizations that are way to one side or the argument or the other.
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