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Re: Those who delay vaxes--what's your schedule?

We kinda delayed... if I do it again what we decided what was "best" was to limit to no more than 2 shots per visit and working with the doc to decide what order/when. We started it I forget when, maybe at the 9 month visit when we got all sorts of cranky with the multiple shots. We don't do chicken pox or flu... I have reasons but none of them are really good or valid. I'd rather get the chicken pox naturally as I think its a better life long immunity but we'll do it around 8-9-10 if he doesn't get it by then and I will not purposely expose him. I have never gotten a flu shot so I will not get my child one.

We did offer to come back monthly or at more frequent intervals for shots but since we had been to the doctor for so many other issues they knew us well and that we would come back so they just kept us at regular 3 month appointments and it was a non-issue. We dealt with several peds and they have all been supportive about it (ours had to go on emergency leave twice but we loved her so we stuck it out). You could offer that when the child gets older. I was a bit worried about asking to delay but it was really a non-issue. The only time it became an issue was with preschool as we were "behind" a few shots and we had a schedule to get them (too early) but a few people here made enough comments to get me on track to figure out our waiver which ended up me signing for religious reasons but it didn't ask what or why and not a big deal. The school fussed a drop as they were worried about licensing (but once we got it proper they left me alone as I was more than happy to comply and get a written schedule from our ped.) and I guess it isn't done a lot with them but they were fine in the end.
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