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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

Originally Posted by corinne76 View Post
LOL JoAnna, DD would be in her room all day. She has this "pft" thing she does for EVERYTHING.
Shayden brush your teeth
Shayden put your shoes on
Shayden eat your dinner
ahhhhhhhh! I'm going to go crazy soon.
ooo mackenzie just back talks. which is slightly less annoying than the 4 year old's constant whining.

mackenzie its time for lunch.
-i dont want to eat.
well whether or not you eat its lunch time then naptime.
-well im not doing either and you cant make me.

of course then about 5 minutes later she decides she will eat, or will go to her room(sometimes she just doesnt want to eat even her favorite foods)

or my favorite(happens once a week at least...)
mackenzie we are going to chip and cheese.(mexican restaurant)
-can i get a bouncy bal/gum ball/peppermint/etc?
no its late and you had a bad attitude today
-well then im not going in the car and im not buckling up and im running away.

then she stands there with her arms crossed glaring.
well thats fine i guess you can go to bed and ill stay here with you.
-but i like chips and cheese. i want to go eat.
then she scampers to the car and buckles up

ok and here's the 4 year old:
makaela i made you corn and hamburgers for dinner.
-i dont LIKE corn and ambuggers
makaela you do like kit, you asked for corn and hamburgers for lunch.
-but i dont LIKE it anymore. i like icecream now(or any other totally not dinner food)
i proceed to make food and not give her a plate.
-mommy where's MY corn and ambugger. im HUNGRY.

i swear some days by six i want to put myself in timeout and not come out
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