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Re: I can't take the sassiness anymore!

DD is 4.5. Some things we do are to teach her that you speak nicely to mommy and others. If I ask or tell her to do something, she says "yes mommy" and does it. If she doesn't want to do it or something, she still has to speak to me in a nice voice. And then usually she has to do it anyway but we discuss it nicely. If she gives me attitude, I tell her she needs to change her attitude and speak nicely. I remind her that bad attitude doesn't get her anything. If it continues, she has to kneel down and put her nose on the floor until she's ready to be nice. We found regular timeouts don't work, going to her room doesn't work, standing in the corner doesn't work. But something about the nose on the floor works, it blocks out the rest of the world and also is humbling, reminding her that she is not the boss, and it's not a spanking
We're working to teach her that she can say whatever she needs to say or wants to say, but she needs to speak nicely and with respect. Attitude still happens, but we're making progress. We give her choices and options, but when she makes a choice, she lives with it. Not changing her mind a million times.
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