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Originally Posted by FluffyBum
We also delayed with vaxes and declined the last DTap due to a really bad reaction with the previous one. If you want a guideline from a Ped that is on board with delayed vaccination the Dr. Sears website has a good one they go by. I think his book might have it either the Baby Book or the Vaccine Book too.
This is when I started to delay vaccines. My DS had a nasty site reaction and we have skipped his last one.

With the new baby I was going to delay past 1yr but decided with our Ped to do one at a time, no flu or hep b. We did the pneumococcal vax last time and we'll see what we want to do at 4mos. The Ped said he would figure out what the best plan wouldbe doing one at a time but not to upset the sequencing of them? Like some have 3, some are 4 or 5, some are 1 or 2.
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