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Re: Those who delay vaxes--what's your schedule?

I started at 4.5 yrs old. Did the dtap (had very slight reaction of a red mark below the injection site) Had another dtap at 5 ish and had a really bad reaction Arm swelled so much was red, hot, tender and had a fever for 3 years. No more dtap for him!!

Will do the MMR soon (sometime this summer) CP only after age 12.

Hep shots given in the early teens years (possibly)

Plan for baby #2 is start at 2-3 years old (I BF until then and am a SAHM/WAHM so no daycare but I do worry about DS1 being in school and bringing junk home! more reasons to possibly home school

Polio will be given sometime before starting school this fall.
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